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not in a field [Dec. 20th, 2007|11:51 pm]
Cryptic Remarks


between between between dinosaurs between.
"I mean, what the Hell? And
I'm trying to not to swear.
Swear. I swear to God...if you don't.
If you do...you do...you do. Then I could! Dammit!
begging. the sun is coming up.
turn the lights off! turn the lights off!
turn the lights off when the sun comes up!
the Father: "Her dress was torn!? I can't believe it!
It's too late at night!" (but he forgets, "...the Sun is coming up! Turn off the Light!")
Leave my house at once! You need more morphine!
Ask the neighbor! He's not a doctor!"
the Doctor: "You need to get more sleep!
This machine will help! I don't know how
much faster I can talk!"
Him: "I've seen this somewhere else!
I've never heard this before! I can smell it somewhere else!
This must be the place! When can we stop?
Why can't I hear the insects bug&beep?!
Only the ice break, never the Ocean's Floor, her deep deep floor!
Buried in the salt! My son will come and save you!
Listen always to the Dogs' barks! Speak only from the Heart!"